Discover How You Can Get Better in Bed With Help From Our US Partners, The Better Sleep Council

Discover How You Can Get Better in Bed With Help From Our US Partners, The Better Sleep Council  Who doesn’t want to be better in bed? We’re talking about sleep of course. It’s not as simple as falling face first into your pillow. So, let’s put on our PJs, pull back the covers and settle in for a good bedtime story from our friends over the pond, The Better Sleep Council….

“Once upon a bedtime, over 40 years ago, the US mattress industry had a noble goal, to help people start every day with a good night’s sleep (the UK didn’t get in on the act until some 15 years later!). We wanted to educate the world about the critical relationships between sleep, good health and quality of life.

“So, we went directly to the consumer to gain more insight on where today’s consumers needed a little help to improve.

“Eat right? Check. Exercise? Check. Sleep like a pro? Fail. And so, our journey began.

“The humble mattress was overlooked, underappreciated and didn’t get the attention it deserved. There had to be a better way.

“And along came the Better Sleep Council (BSC), galloping into magazines, onto TV news shows, and across social media with one message, sleep matters! Oh, and you won’t get it on your old, worn-out mattress.

Your mattress matters
Discover How You Can Get Better in Bed With Help From Our US Partners, The Better Sleep Council  There is no doubt in our minds that the mattress is the most important piece of furniture in your home. It’s the foundation of good health, and even better, it has no side effects! But don’t sell yourself short and put the mattress of your dreams in a dreary and cluttered bedroom. Set yourself up for success with the right sleep environment. From pillows to protectors and even paint colors – they all make a difference. Most importantly, a quality and supportive mattress matters, and the right amount of sleep (or the lack of sleep) can change lives.

Our favorite month is May, because it’s all about sleep. (Sounds dreamy, right?) May is Better Sleep Month and this year, we want everyone to be #BetterInBed. It’s time for everyone to up their game between the sheets.

Sleep is the new status symbol.
Bragging about your all-nighter and 5am workouts, your intergalactic coffee and need for just four hours of sleep each night is simply not cool. What is cool? Getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night and relishing the list of benefits you receive from that restful slumber. These include keeping those pounds off; being more productive at home, work or school; being a better spouse, friend or employee; having more energy; and a myriad other health benefits, including fighting heart disease, dementia, diabetes and more.

Are you ready to crawl under the covers?
This May, the BSC is helping everyone be champions in the bedroom by:
• Hosting a month long sleep series, “31 Ways to Be Better in Bed!” on the BSC’s Facebook and Twitter channels, featuring tips from BSC consultant, R.N. and certified sleep educator Terry Cralle
• Publishing weekly articles on the BSC blog with exclusive sleep-related tips and tricks, including posts from lifestyle expert and BSC spokesperson Lissa Coffey
• Debuting new survey results on men’s and women’s bedroom habits! (The results of the battle of the sexes may surprise you.)
• Helping you find the perfect mattress fit for your life with the BSC’s Better Bed Quizzz (UK readers can do this with the National Bed Federation’s Bed MoT)

Need some more help to sleep soundly and make health a priority? The BSC offers these suggestions:

• Make a date with your bed. Develop a routine in which you go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day. Don’t let social media or work distract you, and when it’s bedtime, go to sleep no matter what.
• Create a great bed for great sleep. If you’re not waking up refreshed every day, it’s time to examine your mattress and decide if you need a new one.
• Keep it cool. A comfortable sleeping temperature is between 16-18 degrees Celsius.
• Try yoga. Practice yoga before bed to de-stress after your day, relax your muscles and bring your body to a restful state before hitting the hay.
• Get the right pillow. Always use pillows when you’re deciding which mattress is right for you. Switch up your pillow selection, trying various fills, styles and shapes. Sometimes you lie on a mattress and think it’s not for you, when the real problem is that you haven’t found the perfect pillow pairing.
• Take a nap, but keep naptime between 15 and 40 minutes. Research presented at the American College of Cardiology Conference shows a correlation between naps lasting longer than 40 minutes and obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndromes like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
• Strip your sheets. And a whole lot more! Set yourself up for sleep success and spring clean your bedroom!

Do you have any tips for everyone to get better in bed and sleep a little easier? We’re all ears and want to hear from you! In the meantime, sweet dreams and sleep well, our friends.

The Better Sleep Council is the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association devoted to educating the public about the critical relationship between sleep, good health and quality of life, as well as the value of the mattress and sleep environment in the pursuit of a good night’s sleep. With an unbiased voice, the BSC is comprised of bedding leaders and sleep experts who represent a cross-section of the mattress industry

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